Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who Would Have Thought ...

     If you would have asked me three years ago where I'd end up at this point in my life, soon-to-be-MuseItUp-published-author would not have been my first response. Actually, three years ago the mere thought of completing Courting the Flame seemed a bit far fetched. I mean, really ... how on Earth could I, an unpublished nobody, ever expect to be able to capture this level of story?! The kind of story that oozed from your fingertips and took over your mind? With lots of hard work, unparalleled support from family and friends, and a kick-butt editor/writing coach that settled for nothing less than my absolute best! That's how.

     And to think that it all started with a picture of Pierre-August Renoir's 1883 Dance at Bougival. Looking back, I still can't believe it. At 39 I knew I wanted ... needed to write at least one of the novels floating around in my head. It had been a lifelong dream. The only thing I didn't know was which one. And so the journey began.

     Absolutely positive that if I could find the perfect novel setting the rest of the story would fall into place, I searched and searched the universe and eventually it came back with a resounding, "Booooooston." And it sounded just like that, too. "Booooooooston." So I googled the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism and they kindly sent me a wonderful packet of information. The day it arrived on my doorstep I eagerly tore it open, tilted it sideways, and poured out its contents. Yep. You guessed it: out popped a pamphlet from Boston's Museum of Fine Art featuring ...  
Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Dance at Bougival.

     And the rest, my friends, is well ... the rest of the story. But that's an entirely different blog.