Monday, July 16, 2012

And the Fun Continues...

Happy to say that I had quite a few guesses last week.
Let's keep the ball rolling with this week's "facts and tidbits".
As always, enjoy! 

Random Courting the Flame Fact:
Leading man Michael Turner is a well educated, well groomed, always in control (for the most part) art enthusiast/gallery owner. He brings Gracie to near hysteria whenever he’s within ten feet of her, but it’s more than just his wavy dark hair and chocolaty brown eyes that has her rattled; it’s the undeniable connection she feels toward him.

As an interesting aside, the idea for Michael’s character was literally born out of the first :30 of the song “Away” by The Toadies. I've always found the opening riff incredibly sexy. For your listening pleasure, I’ve included it here.

Diana DeCameron Tidbit:
I prefer to go barefoot in the summer. I even garden barefoot. When I go to sleep, however, I must have my toes covered, at the very least, with a sheet. Why? Because the sheet protects my toes from the monsters living under my bed. I’m being one-hundred percent serious, folks. Don’t laugh.

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It's official! I love having contests!!