Monday, July 9, 2012

Think, Think, Think, Think, Think...

So it’s 12:30 AM and here I sit. Me, myself, and my blank computer screen. (sigh) I’ll be honest. For as much as I love writing novels, blogging always makes me feel...well, jittery.  Finishing my current work in progress seems far less daunting a prospect in comparison. “What are you going to blog about?” My subconscious continually taunts. The question follows me around like a ball and chain, through the house, the yard, and eventually into my dreams. On more than one occasion I’ve spun around and hollered, “I. Don’t. Know.” in response.

That usually gets a few raised eyebrows.

My Author friends have suggested I discuss my characters, perhaps interview them, and at first that sounded like a fabulous idea. What a wonderful way for you (the reader) to get to know my characters before actually reading the book. But I could never seem to reconcile my soul with that idea. I think the concept bothers me because I tend to be an organic person. I believe things should happen naturally…when and where they are meant to happen. I know the idea works very well for my other author friends. I’ve read their blogs and thought…what a neat idea. But in the end, the best I could talk myself into was posting random Courting the Flame quotes on YouTube. I said to my characters, “Listen…you have thirty opportunities to speak for yourselves!” And they did.

Some have suggested I talk about myself. That one just makes me chuckle. Loudly. Honestly, I lead a pretty boring life, folks. I’m surrounded by a wonderful group of people I call family and friends, but that doesn’t make me interesting or extraordinary…it just makes me incredibly blessed.

And so the taunting continues. “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BLOG ABOUT?!”

“Enough. I hear you, already!” Think, think, think, think, think, think, think. Wait! (eyes widen) I believe I might just have an idea. How about this? Suppose I take baby steps? Each week I’ll give you a tiny Courting the Flame tidbit…and (waggles index finger) each week I’ll also throw in some totally off the wall Diana DeCameron tidbit. Yes, yes. (taps fingers together excitedly) This could actually be fun. See. Apparently, all I needed to do was sit down and chat with you to find my answers. Who knew?

So let’s give this a try then, shall we? Here are this week’s offerings.

Random Courting the Flame Fact:
Gracie Clarke, my leading lady, is never without her iPod. Heavy alternative rock is her musical genre of choice— the louder the better, but she might be willing to give Tchaikovsky a try…if the right person suggests it. (waggles eyebrows)

Diana DeCameron Tidbit:
Much to my family’s displeasure, I have an obsession with decorative throw pillows. They’re everywhere. At one point, I actually found myself searching for a throw pillow to accent my throw pillows. Yeah. It’s a sickness. know what?! I’m so happy with this idea—
I think I may have just come up with my first contest idea.
(See! And it happened organically! Yay!)

How about we try this:

To win one of two free e-copies of Courting the Flame, visit my Courting the Flame Fan Page and answer the question pertaining to this blog. Questions will change weekly. Only one guess per question, please. Just “message” me with your response. Deadline to enter is Sunday, July 22 at 11:59 PM. Winners will be chosen randomly. E-book format of your choice. Choose from E-pub (Sony/Nook), HTML, PDF, Prc (Kindle).

Ohhhhhh…this is going to be so much fun!