Monday, November 26, 2012

Something You Can't Quite Put Your Finger On...

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Random Courting the Flame Fact:
“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” 

Although some of the characters may proceed forward with reluctance, Courting the Flame is, indeed, a story that chronicles the journey to self-discovery—an idea summed up quite nicely in the above quote.

Diana DeCameron Tidbit:
Human beings…oh but we are a complicated lot. Born into this world at point “A”, hopefully our life experiences help to move us along that tiny space that is our existence, encouraging us to grow and change and morph into something new. Something exciting. Something better than before. I say hopefully, because my life experiences have proven that some of us never really budge from point “A”. But rest easy, that is not the topic of today’s post. I am choosing not to focus on the stagnant souls, but on those who have somehow managed to grow despite themselves, adversity, or a steadfast reluctance to change. 

I’ll be honest. For the first 30 plus years of my life, I remained fairly consistent as a human being. My life views were predictable. My behaviors followed a pattern. I questioned nothing and did as I was told. My beliefs were based, for the most part, on those of my parents, extended family, and any others I chose to surround myself with. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying that the belief systems were bad, they just weren’t…well, my own. It would take many years and a willingness to search my soul to finally realize that I actually had my own opinions. Don’t worry. I’ll keep them to myself, LOL. Besides, the “what” isn’t nearly as important as is everything I learned about myself along the way. 

Over the past year, I’ve had several opportunities to touch base with people from my past, and each encounter has been a wonderfully uplifting, albeit sometimes emotionally overwhelming, experience. A twenty-five year high school class reunion, touching base with work associates from my past, and even some chance encounters while shopping have brought me face to face with many of the ghosts from my past. Not one to let myself off the hook, I made sure to apologize for anything I may have done or said in my teens or early twenties that may have caused pain or hurt to another. Sometimes those apologies came with words and sometimes they were wrapped up in a hug. Why apologize for something I may or may not have said or done? Because I’m a realist, folks. I’d like to remember myself as a saint, but twenty-five years was a long time ago. Better to be safe than sorry, I say. 

Yes, there were some souls who hadn’t moved an inch from where they stood twenty-five years ago, but many had and besides, life is a journey and it’s never too late to jump on board. I wish only the best to those who have yet to experience change. It’s a wonderfully freeing experience. I am far more at peace with myself at 43 than I ever was at 16, 18, or 21. Becoming a wife and parent had a lot to do with that. Becoming an author pushed me over the edge. 

As I stated earlier, though, it’s those souls who have managed to change and morph into something new in the face of adversity that really catch my attention. You know the ones—those individuals who come out on top despite the odds. It’s a phenomenon that has intrigued me since as far back as my undergraduate days. Although his views are now considered outdated, I still find myself contemplating Philosopher John Locke’s concept of the “blank slate”. Is the core of who we are solely derived from our nurturing? Is it a combination of genetics and upbringing? Or are we a combination of both nature and nurture with a little something else thrown in? Something you can’t quite put your finger on even though you know it exists. As a writer, it’s the unknowns that we can have the most fun with…which I do (please excuse the shameless self-promotion) in Courting the Flame.

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