Saturday, March 17, 2012

Seems to Work for the Bunnies

 “I’m going to be late!” I hopped up and down while simultaneously trying to put on my shoes, grab my purse, and run out the door. Just another typical morning, I thought.

My “lateness” is a daily occurrence. I blame my family, of course, mainly because they’re not here to defend themselves. But I didn't invite you here to discuss my lack of time management skills. The real story, the one I’m about to share, actually happened when I finally hit the driveway.

In typical Diana style, I tore out of the house and scurried across the gravel toward my car. But that’s when my “typical” morning took a sharp left turn. Next thing I knew, I did something completely unexpected. (Cue dramatic pause) I stopped. As in moving? That’s right. For some unknown reason, I screeched to a grinding halt halfway between my house and the car. It was as if I’d just run into some sort of quick-drying cement which was confounding on many levels, the least of which being the fact that I know nothing about quick-drying cement. But I digress…

Caught off guard by my atypical behavior—my normal speed is “hyper drive”—I thought it might be interesting to figure out why I’d actually stopped moving. First, I checked to see if my shoes matched. Don’t ask. Next, I felt for my purse which, much to my relief was hanging securely from my shoulder.

So then, what was I to make of this lack of movement? I wrinkled my brow scanning anxiously from side to side. Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary. And then—POW!—it hit me. Literally. Okay. Fine. It was more of a gentle nudge, but you have to admit that “hit” sounded so much more dramatic.

So what was it? Believe it or not, “it” was a gentle breeze.

With graceful accuracy, the unexpected waft of cool morning air pirouetted across the yard trailing wispy tendrils of sweet spring fragrances behind it. Mmmmmmm. Late? Who's late? I breathed in the newness and smiled, convinced that life couldn’t get any better. Until, as is the case with most of my posts, someone cued the music.

Have I mentioned that I love music?!

Brimming with curiosity, I squinted into a wall of blue spruces in search of the melody's symphonic origins. A collection of songbirds answered back with their own Ode to Spring tribute. I hummed along, their dulcet tones lulling me into a state of total and unequivocal relaxation. I’m talking relaxed to the point of not even caring if my shoes matched. Don’t ask. Besides, who can think about mismatched shoes when there’s the promise of “new beginnings” hanging in the balance?

Something flashed to my left. I lifted my gaze just in time to see two bunnies playfully chase each other across the yard. Another sign of spring. I smiled, knowing that their lighthearted zigzagging would lead to more than just “exercise”. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

So there you have it. This month’s blog is my tribute to gentle breezes, the arrival of spring, and the promise of new beginnings. I hope that you too experience an "ah ha" spring moment. But if nothing else, try zigzagging around the yard with your significant other. (Shoulder shrug) It seems to work for the bunnies. Just sayin…