Thursday, June 19, 2014

Back again with the latest segment of...
Random Quotes and Tidbits.

Random Courting the Flame Quote

Another one of my favorites: Page 66

“I have my own money if I want to buy it.”
“Maybe,” he said, hooking two fingers under my chin and tugging my face gently toward his, “but I’ve had much more practice spending mine.”

And now, onto another Diana DeCameron tidbit:

She’s back! (cue the Psycho strings) No really…I feel like I’ve been away for like (counts on fingers) nine months. Perhaps that’s because I’ve been away for like…(confirms finger count) nine months! Please allow me to explain...and no, I didn't give birth to a set of twins, LOL. 1. I have a day job that required me to complete 36 Graduate Credits in the span of a few months. Somehow I did it while at the same time holding down said full time job, raising two boys, being a wife, and managing a very hectic household. 2. My uterus and I had a major disagreement. Ultimately it came down to this…one of us had to go. I’d like to say it was a tearful goodbye, but in the end I wasn’t the least bit sorry to see her go. Translation? I had major surgery and was laid up for four weeks.

Today, however, is a new day! A beautiful day. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. In addition to all of that wonderfulness, at precisely 4:30 this afternoon I turned (cue the fanfare) forty-five! Sure I have more wrinkles, more grey hair, more cellulite...but who cares. I'm still here and I have much to be thankful for. So to celebrate this momentous (at least in my mind) event, I have officially given myself permission to resume my other life—the life of a paranormal romance novelist.

In all honesty, the worst part about having to struggle through all those graduate credits was the fact that I had to deprive myself of my creative outlet. Bottom line? There are only so many hours in a day. Unfortunately, every minute of every day had been spoken for these past few months. The way I look at it now is that I’m a free woman! (rubs hands together) A free woman with a keyboard. (waggles eyebrows) A free woman with a keyboard who hasn’t added so much as a word to her work-in-progress since last August. I know. Right?!

So…where am I at with said work-in-progress, the sequel to Courting the Flame? At last count, I’m at around 75,000 words. I would be lying if I said my leading lady hasn’t been a bit perturbed with me. I mean, I did leave her in the most precarious situation forever while I tried to sort through my life. In my defense, however, I did feel that it was imperative to regain some sort of control over my own existence before I could sit down and listen to what she had to say. Anyone who’s read Courting the Flame understands what having a conversation with Chloe Stuart can be like. Now turn yourself into me and experience what it’s like to have her living in your head. (Chester Cheetah head shake) All that said, I am beyond ecstatic that she has chosen my already mixed up brain to inhabit. I really do love the girl. Truly. She's a one-of-a-kind character with a one-of-a-kind story, and I can't wait to share it with you.

Speaking of which, I do need to get back to her. You see, Chloe's in the midst of battling her way through a major—Blink. Blink, blink. Hmmm. (Narrows eyes) Suddenly, I have the strangest urge to drink Chamomile tea while meditating. (drums fingers on computer desk) Chloe?! Please tell me you're not going to require me balance on my head again. Chloe? Chloe?!  
As always…
Until we meet again, make it a great week!

Oh, and more Quotes and Tidbits to come.